Carroll Broadband Network (CBN) Logo
Presentation of two options to the Carroll County Economic Development Committee.


cbn 1a


We began by using the outline of the map of Carroll County, and added lines to indicate the network.



cbn 1b


We then altered the shape to make it more dynamic.



cbn 1c


The finished logo incorporates a stylized rendition of the Carroll County shape, with the "network" lines creating facets and giving the mark a sharp, unique look. The font has a soft slab serif that suggest a continuation from one letter to the next, which enforces the idea of connectivity and a network, and has a clean, contemporary look. The blue, red and grey chosen are fresh, bright and sophisticated.




cbn 2a


We began by deliniating the network lines that eminate from a central point and cleaned them up a bit.



cbn 2b


We then took those network lines and gave them more weight and motion.



cbn 2c


The finished logo calls to mind a spark, or a star or even a person. It shows connectivity and paths of communication and growth moving outward in all directions, but with an upward thrust. The contemporary sans-serif font has soft bends to it, which emparts a feeling of pathways that imply the idea of the network. The red, purple and grey for the logo are eye-catching and dynamic.


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